Our Comprehensive Exam

We often have patients that haven’t received regular dental care for numerous years resulting in experiencing a multitude of concerns they need to discuss with us. We understand that many of our first-time patients experience some anxiety or fear when it comes it dentistry– many have had poor past experiences or simply avoid the unknown. Our comprehensive exam delivers an extensive process that evaluates various aspects and potential conditions our patients are experiencing.

Oral Comprehensive Exam Process

Prior to the exam, we have our patients provide a complete dental and medical history that is reviewed by our doctor in the pre-clinical interview. This interview also gives our patients the opportunity to disclose any concerns, goals, and other relevant history. Once this interview is completed, we begin the “tour of your mouth”. We utilize either a mirror or intra-oral camera so that our patients can observe exactly what we do, often times being the first opportunity they’re able to really see these important details. We then initiate our acclaimed oral cancer screening as well as muscle and joint examination to really understand our patient’s chewing process. Once the external examination is complete, we continue with a tooth-by-tooth measurement including the space around each tooth, gum recession measurement, and mobility test. We conclude the tour of the mouth with an individual tooth-by-tooth inspection for tooth decay and any existing restorations, and tooth wear and color. X-rays are only taken once the status of your gums and tooth health is determined.

Comprehensive Oral Exam Conclusion

Our doctor will analyze all findings and evaluate the status of three known causes of tooth loss: cavities, gum disease, and bite problems. This oral report is typically given to you at a later date with advice about smile improvement as well. We create an individualized plan-of-action based on your comprehensive oral exam for a preventative phased treatment plan.

For more information regarding our comprehensive oral exam, please contact us or call: (573) 364-1345