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Dr. Stephen Moorkamp & Dr. Charlie Arthur Experience the Value of Completing a General Dentistry Residency

Many of you may ask, “What is a general dentistry residency?” Dental residencies are optional post-doctoral training programs designed to provide advanced training and hands-on experience in clinical dentistry. These residencies are engineered to enhance dentistry skills for graduates who seek to obtain optimal proficiency and speed during all dental procedures. In dentistry, there are two types of general dental residencies: Advanced Education of General Dentistry Residency and General Practice Residency.

The Differences Between the Two General Dental Residencies

Both general dental residencies often deliver similar curriculum and procedure base that include advanced training and clinic experience in preventative dentistry, periodontics, restorative dentistry, endodontics/root canals, oral surgery, extractions, dental implants, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry. The main difference between these two types of residencies is the location of the clinics. Advanced Education of General Dentistry Residencies are often located in stand-alone dental clinics or associated with dental schools while General Practice Residencies are sponsored by a hospital.

Dr. Stephen Moorkamp and Dr. Charlie Arthur’s Residency Experience

Dr. Stephen Moorkamp completed a one year Graduate Practice Residency at Truman Lakewood Hospital locate in Lees Summit, MO. This extensive program was based out of a hospital dental clinic that specialized in treating medically complex patients. Dr. Charles Arthur completed a one year Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Eglin AFB, FL. Dr. Arthur was able to work alongside dental specialists in both dental clinic and hospital settings. Both our doctors were extensively trained in handling medical emergencies that arise at anytime during their residencies. They are also certified in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. These residencies have been invaluable to our team, allowing them to complete dental procedures in-office that would otherwise be referred to a specialist, often times resulting in patients having to travel to different cities. At Moorkamp & Arthur Dentistry, we are experienced in offering a wider range of dental care to our patients.

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