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Why I became a Dentist

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Dr. Stephen and his wife Megan at his brother's wedding in June 2017.
Dr. Stephen and Megan enjoying a winter ride on the Katy Trail.
Miles and Marlie enjoying the Centre's pool.
Dr. Stephen enjoying an overnight float trip at the nearby Gasconade River.

I’ve known Stephen since he was in grade school and was there when he first showed interest in becoming a dentist. His warmth, friendliness and ready smile have always impressed me. I admire his eagerness to return to Rolla to serve in his hometown and I look forward to seeing him carry on the long family tradition of providing exceptional dental care.

Jerry and I are privileged to say we have known Dr. Stephen his entire life. Even as a young child, you could tell he was going to be a very successful adult. Dr. Stephen has always been one to work hard, seek adventure, go the extra mile to find success and never shy away from responsibility and challenges. Dr. Stephen was raised to be polite, respectful and caring. These are traits you will find in Dr. Stephen each and every time you meet him.