Rolla, MO dentist, Dr. William Moorkamp

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We are grateful for the many patients and their family
members who have found us
through their friends.

Dr. Moorkamp with Patient
Individualized CareWe see one person at a time, we are not a clinic or a factory. We remain small for a reason. It is important to know what our patient's expectations for dental care is first and foremost during the initial visit. We believe that your time is valuable and will see you on time or we will tell you if we can't be prompt.

Being Health CenteredWe look for what you are doing right with your dental habits and build on them rather than giving lectures. This approach has proved to empower our patients to take control of their dental health with many positive healthy results!

True PreventionWe know that healthy mouths look, taste and smell better. In our Dental Office each patient, each preventive visit gets an objective assessment of the status of their dental health. "Scoring" the preventive visit has helped make getting a healthy mouth much easier for many, many patients saving them time and money on future dental treatments.

"Our hope is to improve the overall health of the community; particularly of those who come to us for dental care and want to keep their teeth."


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