We’re Moving June 14, 2021 to 425 Pine Tree Rd.

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Moorkamp & Arthur Family Dentistry is Moving June 14 2021 to 425 Pine Tree Rd Rolla MO 65401

We’re Moving June 14, 2021 to 425 Pine Tree Rd.

Moorkamp & Arthur Family Dentistry will be moving into our brand-new state-of-the art dental facility at 425 Pine Tree Rd, Rolla, MO 65401 that will allow us to continue to provide enhanced care and support to dental patients in Rolla and the surrounding communities.

Our family-owned practice has been treating patients in Rolla since 1984 and at the 912 Cedar Street dental facility since 2001. Currently, construction for our new dental facility at 425 Pine Tree Rd., just 2 miles our current location, is entering its final phase. Our entire team at Moorkamp & Arthur Family Dentistry will soon roll-up our sleeves and begin moving and will be serving patients in our new dental facility on June 14, 2021! Anticipation and excitement is now at an all-time high as we along with our existing patients eagerly await the completion of our new wonderful dental home.

Dr. Bill Moorkamp’s solo dental practice had its sights set on growing the practice to help “pass the torch” shortly after his son Dr. Stephen Moorkamp and son-in-law Dr. Charlie Arthur moved back home to Rolla after completing college, dental school and residencies. In 2018, Dr. Stephen and Dr. Charlie purchased the practice from Dr. Bill.

In 2019, Dr. Stephen Moorkamp and Dr. Charlie Arthur continued to invest their future into the Rolla community by purchasing a plot of land and building the new facility. Their vision for the improved oral health of the Rolla Community and surrounding areas has now come to life at 425 Pine Tree Rd.

Dr. Stephen Moorkamp and Dr. Charlie Arthur have gone to great lengths to educate themselves through post-doctoral courses, continuing education programs, and professional study groups. They are both currently putting themselves through the Advanced Restorative Dental Curriculum at the Pankey Institute and are one course away from completing the Pankey Institute’s Essential Curriculum.

Advanced Restorative Dentistry addresses complex dental problems and works to restore damaged teeth to their former glory, using sophisticated techniques and technology. Damaged teeth resulting from excessive wear and tear, natural defects, external injuries or traumas and oral diseases can all be successfully treated by these highly trained Dentists.

In addition, the Drs training in Advanced Restorative Dentistry will help those in Rolla and the surrounding communities who may have neglected their teeth and oral health for many years and are ready to “turn back the hands of time” at a dental facility staffed with a compassionate team ready to welcome them and guide them on their journey to better health.

Dr. Bill is excited that his son Dr. Stephen and son-in-law Dr. Charlie have followed and excelled in the path of higher dental education and Advanced Restorative Dentistry and looks forward to continuing to mentor the Drs at the new dental facility.

Moorkamp & Arthur Family Dentistry has always been dedicated to the health and safety of our patients, team and community. It is our number one priority and core value of the practice. Since the new dental facility was constructed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the latest safety and sterilization practices have been enhanced.

Plasma air purifiers are installed as part of the building’s HVAC system, patient treatment rooms are enhanced with a separate HVAC system, and a VistaPure™ Water Purification System has been installed. Other features include low energy usage LED lighting, cellulose insulation, low emissivity double pain windows, and a water conserving central treatment room vacuum system.

About Moorkamp & Arthur Family Dentistry: Moorkamp & Arthur Family Dentistry has been providing individualized health-centered dental care to patients in the Rolla area of Missouri since 1984. The company is owned and operated by Dr. Stephen Moorkamp and Dr. Charlie Arthur with the mission of improving the overall health of the community through comprehensive dental care and oral health coaching, education, and treatment. They provide General Dentistry, Restorative and Advanced Restorative Dentistry, in addition to routine dental health care and prevention at 425 Pine Tree Rd, Rolla, MO 65401.

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