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Actual Patients’ Before and After Photos

CosmeticBeforeHutchison (1)

When we met this new patient she said she wanted younger looking teeth. During treatment she exclaimed that she didn’t realize the detailed work it took to make teeth look great. When we asked if we could show others the result she said YES I want other 80 year old women to know they can have beautiful teeth too!

CosmeticAfterMDickman (1)

This patient had jaw joint and bite problems for many years causing her front teeth to wear prematurely for her 67 years. She wanted to close the front gap, and make the teeth look whiter and longer. Bite splint therapy along with bite adjustment and implant replacement helped get the smile she wanted with teeth that fit and jaw joints and muscles that are now comfortable.


This patient had old gray silver fillings and jaw joint problems for many years. The back teeth were reinforced with natural porcelain shades that were lighter than the old gray teeth in a bite that fit in harmony with the muscles and joints. Some years later she elected to crown and stabilize the front teeth with a lighter shade and even edges to match the previously restored back teeth. Her friends and family loved the new look and thought it was the smile she deserved!


This gentleman had a number of old stained fillings and back teeth with silver mercury fillings. Some years ago we replaced the weak back teeth with porcelain crowns but it wasn’t until a front tooth broke that he decided to get the front teeth reinforced with lighter veneers and a crown.

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