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Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Moorkamp’s since he moved to Rolla. I was one very cautious patient having many scary dental appointments prior to him. Dr. Moorkamp helped me to relax and he has always taken the time to be patient with me and discuss all of the procedures he was suggesting. Just recently I totally put my trust in him to schedule a major dental experience. I had dental implants. If it had not been for Dr. Moorkamp and staff I don’t think I could have ever gone through with it. It was a 10 month process but Dr. Moorkamp and staff was with me the whole way. Dr. Moorkamp explained procedures step by step, was always patient and extremely trustworthy. I am happy to say I now have an awesome smile!!! Dental implants, some veneers, and many years of great teeth have so improved my life!! Thank you Dr. Moorkamp for making me smile again.

- Jane Haskell

Dr. Moorkamp is my hero and has completely changed my life! I have been a patient for over 20 years and we drive 60-miles roundtrip to his office because he is the best. He is not just a Dentist, he is part of our family and he treats me like one of his own family members. His wife Carol and the whole staff are wonderful people, they are friendly, caring and fun. He is very selective with the hiring of staff members and has developed a loyal team that works well together. They always make me feel so special. I look forward to my visits and I appreciate that Dr. Moorkamp always comes into the reception room to greet me and walk me back to the treatment room.
I know that Dr. Moorkamp truly cares about me and my dental health and it’s so nice to receive his follow up calls to check on me after my procedures. Dr. Moorkamp’s prices are fair and his experience and expertise is the worth it. He is so gracious and kind and I am very fortunate to have him as my Dentist. I am delighted to recommend him.

- Brenda Sheetz

What I love about Dr. Moorkamp is that he takes a whole mouth approach to improve my dental health. He has incorporated this philosophy into his practice and I have benefited from it to the fullest extent. He teaches and encourages me on how to best take care of my teeth and overall health. His staff works very well together and the entire team supports his whole mouth approach philosophy.
I was suffering from jaw joint pain which lead to implant and bite therapy solutions. I have been a patient for over 4 years and I am quite happy with the results of my treatment plan. Dr. Moorkamp is simply a great guy who cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable during your visit. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Moorkamp and his team to anyone looking for the best Dentist in town.

- Diane Block

Dr. Moorkamp is the most skilled, competent, and compassionate Dentist I have ever been to. His demeanor is very pleasant and I like how he continually encourages me to stay on top of my dental health. I am happy to say that I have been a satisfied patient for over 15 years. He always takes the extra time to thoroughly explain my dental situation and helps me understand the options I have for treatment. He works with you each step of the way and makes you feel very comfortable at all times.
The staff members are warm and caring people and always greet me with a friendly welcome when I arrive. I have been through two major reconstructions and implants and Dr. Moorkamp has truly given me the ability to enjoy a steak dinner again. Dr. Moorkamp is a wonderful Dentist and a great person. I am very happy to recommend him to everyone.

- Paula Wyss

Dr. Moorkamp does excellent work! I am most impressed with how he takes the time to explain his procedures in a way that relates to my knowledge and expertise of achieving the right “fit”. I am a retired machinist and he always explains the process with competence in this area. He always ensures all of my questions are answered and explores all the treatment plan options that are available to me. I’ve been a patient for over 20 years, I trust him, and I have total confidence in his skills and abilities. I am very happy with how my teeth look, feel, and fit.
The dental staff is always nice to me and they make me feel at home during my visit. Dr. Moorkamp is a great Dentist whom I highly recommend.

- Merle Steen

Dr. Moorkamp is a terrific Dentist. He has a humble spirit and is just a great, bright, fellow. I know that his Father was a Dentist and I believe that he has instilled good old fashioned traditional values throughout his upbringing, which has become so rare these days. Rolla is a small town and we are very fortunate to have a Dentist of Dr. Moorkamp’s caliber to be practicing in our local small community when he could be practicing anywhere in the world. Dr. Moorkamp is to be commended for his faithfulness in supporting our local community and local organizations. He is a giving person and just great to be around.
Dr. Moorkamp is a Dentist with the highest integrity who is known for always doing the right thing and putting others first. I recommend him and his wonderful team to anyone who is looking for the best Dentist this country has to offer.

- Albert Hobart

Dr. Moorkamp is a really good guy, he treats you well and he is very good at what he does. He is always upfront and honest about my dental health and he is excellent at helping you to understand the various treatment options available. He is thorough in everything he does and his work is very good. I am a patient who has highly recommended him for over 20 years.
I trust Dr. Moorkamp and overall he is an outstanding Dentist. I am very happy with the cosmetic work he has completed for me, I love my veneers and I appreciate all the restorative solutions he has provided.

- John Murphy

Dr. Moorkamp is an amazing Dentist and I am happy to say that I have referred all my family members to him so they can receive the same excellent care that I do. I’ve been a patient now for a just a few months and I already feel a special friendship with Dr. Moorkamp. He takes the time to get to know you as a person and treats you like one of his own family members.
I am very happy with the cosmetic work that he has completed for me. I like how he helps to encourage you to take better care of your dental health. He is very thorough in explaining your treatment plan and providing all the options available. I am pleased to provide the highest recommendation for Dr. Moorkamp.

- Terri Knight

I am a satisfied patient of over 20 years. Dr. Moorkamp is a highly competent Dentist and stays up to speed on all the latest technology and treatment procedures. He attends multiple continuing education courses and seminars which results in bringing this cutting edge knowledge to our small town of Rolla, MO. To put it simple, Dr. Moorkamp is a heck of a nice guy and I like him!
Dr. Moorkamp is a generous person and he cares very deeply about giving back to the community. He has the best reputation in town and always does what he says he will do. It’s amazing how much he remembers about the personal things happening in your life and he always asks how things are going. Our conversation just picks up where it left off from the last time I visited. I appreciate how thorough he is at explaining my dental situation and this has built a high level of trust between us.
The values and standards that he sets for himself and the staff are top notch. His staff has all adopted his high standards of impeccable chair side manner and they demonstrate consistency in everything they do. I am always pleased to receive a personal follow up call after procedures. I appreciate how much he cares for me and wants to make sure everything is okay.

- Richard Cavender

Dr. Moorkamp is the best Dentist I have ever met in my entire life. He is a quality Dentist with a great personality. Dr. Moorkamp is more than just my Dentist, I feel like he is my very good friend and I enjoy having him as my Dentist. He has helped change my life for the good. He has encouraged me to take better care of my dental health and my overall health and well-being, which has led to losing weight and feeling strong and healthy again.
Dr. Moorkamp’s skills and knowledge are excellent and I respect him and trust him with my life. He is so good at his work and he is diligent in staying up to date on all the latest technology and treatments. I have had some very challenging dental problems and infections and he has solved all the problems for me and I am grateful to him for helping me feel confident again about my dental health. I am glad to recommend Dr. Moorkamp and I tell all my friends about his services so they can visit him too.

- Ayman Almohsin

Dr. William Moorkamp has the experience you expect and the credentials you can trust.

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